Introduction to the BUSS Model – Live Webinar for Parents and Practitioners

Friday 23rd October 2020 - Fully Booked!
NEW DATE added: 16th October 2020 - Places Available

Level 3 Module


The brain and central nervous system of a newborn baby is still at an early stage of development and babies need an attuned adult and lots of nurture and movement experiences to allow them to grow into their bodies on a physical and an emotional level. When babies and young children are in neglectful and/or abusive environments they miss out on both aspects of this – the loving, attuned adult and the chance to grow into their bodies. This is significant because good bodily regulation and sensory integration gives the developing child a solid platform to negotiate the many developmental tasks of childhood: making relationships, understanding and managing their feelings, playing and learning.

A lot of work with children who have experienced abuse and neglect focuses on relational and psychological therapies. These can be enhanced by an intervention like BUSS, which brings together an understanding of the impact of trauma on the child, the importance of loving relationships and an inherent need to move in order to develop good bodily regulation. The focus of the model is to support families in using games and activities that will allow them to build underdeveloped parts of a child’s foundation systems.

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Level 4 Module

The three most important elements of the BUSS model are playfulness, movement, and relationships.  We’re keen to make sure this is reflected in our day together. As well as giving you information, we’d like you to be actively involved too. You will have the chance to discuss what you’re learning about, hear from families and practitioners who are using the model, as well as trying out some of the games and activities that we might use with families.

The morning session will offer participants an overview of the foundation sensorimotor systems: vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile. Looking at early development through the lens of sensory integration and attachment theories, the session will describe how babies are born ready to grow into their bodies through the loving relationships that they need to enable movement and psychological development. We’ll think about the impact of neglect and abuse on this process, and the information that can be gleaned about the state of development of these foundation systems in school age children by noticing how they are moving.

The rest of the day will consider the importance of this information. We’ll use small group discussion; hear from practitioners across different settings and from adoptive parents about their experience of using the model. Vicky Holland and Lindsey Champion, adoptive parents, will talk about their family’s experience of using the model with their children. Katie Wrench, Manager of the Leeds Therapeutic Social Work Team, will talk about the impact of integrating the BUSS model into that setting and Dr Jules Franklin, Consultant Clinical Psychologist will consider how this model has influenced the way she works. You can read more about them all as part of our BUSS team here.

Participants will:

This course is suitable for all professionals working with children who have experienced developmental trauma from health, education and social care, as well as adoptive parents, special guardians and foster carers.

Parents who have attended the one-day training talk about how “hopeful and empowered” they feel.

Therapists and fostering and adoption practitioners have reported finding the training “inspiring, informative and relevant across the spectrum of children who are looked after”.

Feedback from education staff who have come on this training have talked about how “helpful” it was and how much it has “changed and enhanced their practice”.

The Children’s Commissioner in Leeds, where Sarah is working, wrote: “In just a short period of time Sarah has had a tremendous impact in Leeds in developing and testing out the BUSS model. It is one of the best decisions I have made to support her secondment.  The BUSS model and impact this is having is recognised by our strategic boards where she has presented her findings.”

You can read more about feedback for trainings, and BUSS generally,  here.


The cost of the webinar is £45. This will include a copy of Sarah Lloyds first book “Improving Sensory Processing in Traumatised Children” (2016) and materials needed to take part in the training day. These will be posted to all UK based participants prior to the day.

We are now fully booked for this event. Tickets sold really quickly but we’re looking to run the next course in November so if you would like to register your interest please contact us on and we’ll get back to you to let you know when that will be.

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