BUSS Level One Training

Level One training builds on the one day ‘Introduction to the BUSS model training day’.

It is designed to increase participants’ knowledge and understanding of the model, the key tenets of which are movement, playfulness and relationships. Using teaching, case studies, video, small group work and hearing from parents experienced in using the model, participants will develop their understanding of children’s motor development and learn how to make a hypothesis about the state of development of a child’s proprioceptive, vestibular and tactile functioning using this information.

By the end of level one, participants should have an understanding of the sequential nature of motor development in the preschool child, taking into consideration the individual child and the environment that child is growing up in.

Participants should know what the critical stages of development are and how these form a platform for later development. Participants will also be beginning to understand the impact of critical stages being missed and how this impacts on the developing child.


Level 3 Module

The course is over three days in a 2+1 structure.

Day One

The morning session will offer a brief refresher on the model, with more detailed information about the development of the tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive systems and the relational and environmental conditions necessary for their development.

From here, participants will be taught the key stages of motor development in the first year of life. There will be some practical activities to help participants develop their understanding of how each stage of development builds a platform for the next, if the child is in a nurturing environment.

Participants will be given the opportunity to develop their observation skills using videos of typically developing children and children who have experienced developmental trauma. There will be opportunities to reflect on and discuss the role of significant adults and play in this stage of development.

Day Two

With this understanding of how typically developing children pass from one stage of development to the next, we will move on to think about the impact of trauma on this process, initially from a movement / motor perspective. Using video clips of children who have experienced developmental trauma undertaking physical activities, participants will have the chance to begin to develop their skills in noticing movement and from there be able to think about the information this gives in terms of vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile functioning.

Participants will be offered guidance on how to use the BUSS screening tool with families to aid observation of how a child is moving.

There is an expectation that participants will use this framework to undertake observations of two typically developing children and two children who have experienced developmental trauma between the day two and day three sessions. If possible, participants should bring videos of these to day three for use in group discussions. It is participants’ responsibility to get permission from families for this. (We are happy to provide an example consent form but participants will need to tailor this to their own situation and organisation.)

Day Three

The morning session will give the opportunity for participants to share their screening recordings and reflections of this experience.

The afternoon session will consolidate learning about the sequential nature of development and how this might vary when children have experienced developmental trauma. Consideration will be given to how this knowledge forms the foundation for the BUSS intervention. Participants will have the chance to hear from families using the intervention how these observations translate into a BUSS intervention, and the impact this has had on their child.

This teaching and small group work will be supplemented throughout the 3 days with opportunities to hear from (and talk to) parents and therapists who have used this model with their children / in their practise.

This course is suitable for anyone who has completed our Introduction to the BUSS Model training. When working with organisations, we are keen to involve parents in training who are interested in becoming parent mentors, supporting the work of the team in delivering BUSS. It’s best to discuss this prior to the training with Sarah Lloyd, on info@BUSSModel.org.

If it has not been possible to attend a BUSS introduction day, it may still be possible to attend the Level One training but some preparatory reading / discussion will be required.

This course is not suitable for participants wishing to develop skills in sensory integration therapy with children who have sensory processing disorders.

The Level One training costs £540 (+ VAT) per person for the three day training.

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If you wish to complete Level One training, please fill in this Application Form and email it to info@bussmodel.org

As well as the advertised events, the team are always happy to discuss commissioned training. Please contact us on info@bussmodel.org

Level One Course – Milton Keynes

8th, 9th November and 13th December 2021
This course is in partnership with Adoption Plus

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Level One Course – Leeds

7th-8th February and 7th March 2022

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